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Work Life Blend.

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

I have always been a career-oriented woman. My work has always been a priority, I know with the result of my work output and work feedback that this is something that I'm really good at. For crying out loud, my work is literally my name! (Business Analyst aka BA, my name is BeeAy). I have always been known as BeeAy the BA in the whole organization - I know I'm one of the best.

I have been working for 12 yrs. now, I started right after College as an undergrad and never really had a change to pursue a Master's degree and that's okay. I dont have anything else going in my life - work has always been a third of my life - there is family, friends, WORK. I have no community, I have no groups. Work is never just about the money, work gives me purpose, money was just secondary for me. So what led me to this mentality?


Let's be honest, work life balance doesn't exist! YOU CAN NEVER PUT THE TWO APART! It will clash. It 👏🏼 will 👏🏼 stress 👏🏼 you 👏🏼 out! Got it? did the claps woke you up?

When was the last time you got stressed because you have to choose between feeding your kid and an important meeting/call you have to attend? You either choose one and that's not balance unless you keep an excel spreadsheet or counter somewhere in your kitchen board to know who's winning and who's losing.


Today's world has given us tools to do this. and I believe people (yes, boss are included) has understood the concept of Work Life Blend. How do I do it?

KEEP THE DOORS OPEN FOR BOTH ASPECTS. How? I would put a picture of my family in my office cubicle, I share wonderful milestone of my family to my workmates (obviously, please keep things professional! you dont want to share every single milestone, just the ones that you feel is interesting to other people, we can discuss it on a different topic). This gives my workmates an understanding of what my family situation is, they would understand that if I choose to feed my daughter instead of attending a meeting where a simple email should have solved it... they will get it! This goes the same on how I introduce people I work with to my husband. He understand when I need to choose that important client meeting I have to attend to during lunchtime or the late night calls I just have to attend to because my business is panicking of all the production issues going on.

Key thing here this will only work if the people on both aspect have an open mind. If either one doesn't understand, then it's time to move on. Have a b*tchy boss who keeps on demanding your presence for a non-sense meeting? Then it's time to re think your situation.

There you go - that's my two cents on work life blend and how I apply it in my life.

Til next time! Keep me posted!

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