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Embracing Motherhood

The picture on the right was taken 6 yrs.ago. While the other pic. Was taken last night while cuddling my little munchkin. Fun fact: I think I was wearing the same shirt 😂😅

I was looking at my selfie 6 yrs. ago, I looked young and fresh, I love make up as you can see on my cat eye that’s on-fleek 💁🏻‍♀️. I will not leave the house without make up, I remember that was my everyday look. I also keep my hair straight and sleek, I have quarterly appointments to keep up with my keratin blow out and other hair treatments - I was keeping myself. My photo gallery was full of random selfies.

Fast forward to today, Eye bags are on-fleek 🧟‍♀️ Hair tied on a “mom” bun. I never go out without our diaper bag with me ensuring I brought all the essentials - food, milk, diaper, change of cloth, wet wipes, pacifier/teether, toys (and that’s because we’re going out for groceries) - I need to keep up with Beamie. Now, my photo gallery is full of random pictures of her.

Do I miss my old self? Yes. Do I regret what I have become? NO!

Being a mom is the most fulfilling event of my life, no amount of hair theraphy or make up product can beat it. This is the life I chose and I don’t regret any ounce of it. I know the person on the right is still inside me, she’s just hibernating. It just amazes me how things will really change once you have a kid, the little things that you were used to, all things of the past - this is the new me... for now. ❤️

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