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Going out with a newborn during the pandemic.

Going out with a newborn or a baby is always a stress, there's a lot of things you have to bring and make sure you have enough for the duration that your actually out then add Covid-19 in the mix makes it much more stressful for mommies and daddies.

Fask masks are not advisable or is not even allowed for kids 2 yrs. and younger, so how can you protect them?

I made a research and found out that the best way to protect your baby is --- not going outside and keeping your house virus free by sanitizing every day and not allowing visitors inside your house, but what if it's inevitable? HOW?! One of the things I have learned is to best cover your baby's car seat/stroller. But what if your baby is like mine? who hates not seeing anything and is mostly entertained by seeing other people?


However, I have noticed, it's a little hot inside, so we bought a small battery operated clip-on fan in Target. It helps with adding air inside your DIY dome.

I wont recommend this method outdoors - imagine how hot this will be for your baby! and wont recommend in long durations regardless if it's indoors. KEEP IN MIND, KEEP YOUR EXPOSURE TO THE MINIMUM PEOPLE! Get in and out of an establish ASAP!

Also, sharing some of our SOP when going out and upon arriving home:⁣

➡️ When going out for a grocery run or anywhere indoor - here’s our essentials:✔️ mask, ✔️alcohol, ✔️disinfecting wipes, ✔️lysol anti bacterial spray, and 🔴 Beamie’s rain cover for her stroller (as seen on the picture).

➡️ We only do groceries every 2 wks. So I plan our meals for 2 wks (I’ll share a different post on how do meal preps). We have a list so we would already know where to go, this is to make our trip efficient.

➡️ We plan our grocery runs early (opening) and during weekdays (I take some time off work) to avoid crowds.

➡️ Once we’re done, ✅ we wipe our phones, the stroller, wallet, cards, with disinfecting wipes immediately (yes, that means we’re in the parking lot, literally right after)

➡️ As soon as we get home, ✅ we remove our shoes in the door, wash our hands, change clothes - all of this while Beam is still in the car seat (not inside the car, but in the house but still in the car seat). ✅ once I’m ”clean”, I remove Beam in the car seat and change her clothes.

➡️ We disinfect everything we buy, we either wash it thoroughly or wipe it with disinfecting wipes.

➡️ When we’re outdoors, we ensure that we dont touch anything or sit on any bench, and we only go out when there’s minimal people on the park, so we normally go for a walk early.

➡️ 💊 We take vitamins everyday!

➡️ We have never dined-in ever since this started

➡️ For packages and snail mails (yes we still receive some 🤦🏻‍♀️) we spray with lysol, and we leave it on the doorstep to sit for about 12-24hrs.

➡️ We dont allow guests inside our house.

➡️ We practice social distancing ALL THE TIME! When it’s a crowded aisle in the grocery, we skip pass it for now, then just come back

➡️ We build our cleaning/disinfectant/ medications stash slowly. My hubby would normally go to the groceries early (opening) and buy 1 if the item is available.

This is to get ready for the “2nd wave”


❗️⁣ITS 👏🏼 NOT 👏🏼 OVER 👏🏼 YET 👏🏼


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