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How I basically plan my life - one day at a time.

From my previous post, I shared my “secret sauce” on how I stay on top of things.

I introduced the concept of Block Weight system - where I assign SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE task blocks for my day.

Today, I will share how I actually plan my week, and how I actually stay on top of things.

Here’s my step by step guide on how I pre-plan and schedule my week and day’s tasks.

My tools of choice:


I’m an old school y’all! I love writing and using planners!

My planner of choice is the one that has its page subdivided into three big blocks (hence it will make my Morning, Afternoon, Evening blocks easier)

I use Agenda 52 6-Ring Binder and I bought planner inserts.


I color code things in my planner. I’m using this cool erasable ink, YES IT’S ERASABLE!!! I’m in heaven it's called PILOT FRIXION GEL PENS

This is heaven sent!

PS: This not a sponsored post.

Before anything else, here’s a snapshot of this week’s schedule (don’t mind the handwriting and some Tagalog words along with the mix):

Now let's go to the details:

  • I pre-plan my week every Sunday evening. This helps me in setting my mindset for the week. I would look at both my work and social calendar. Is there any big work activities (deployments, planning sessions, etc…) or a big social event coming up (birthday party to organize, appointments, etc…)? I use a black pen for these events. 

  • I plan my week based on Big events. For the remainder of October, we have several big social celebrations that we need to plan for – 1.) my good friend Rachele is repatriating to Manila 2.) My BOOday (birthday) celebration next Saturday. As you can see there are tasks that deal with Rachele’s send-off party and contacting my go-to caterer for my BOOday Party.

  • On the day – especially for work tasks, I assign tasks on my task blocks based on urgency and complexity (keeping in mind my Block weight system). Those are marked in BLUE or any different colored pens. I have team meetings every morning, so it would provide me with an overview of how my day is going to be.

  • I use my Block weight method in assigning tasks for the day and on what TASK BLOCK should I put it in. I only have 3 major TASK BLOCK per day, Morning, Afternoon, Evening blocks. I allot 6-hrs per block and allot 1.5-2hrs for a task to be completed.

Here's how I "point" my blocks: (Realization: I will post an in-depth discussion on the formula I use in assigning tasks and why assigning 2-1.5 hrs. per task on a 6-hr Task Block makes sense!)

  • MORNING Blocks = Large Block weight. I assign tasks that involve heavy lifting (physically and mentally) or urgent items during this block

  • AFTERNOON Blocks = Medium Block weight. I assign my so-so tasks for the day. Things that are relevant for the day, but is not urgent.

  • EVENING Blocks = Small Block weight. I assign tasks that are fun (when I say FUN, it does not necessarily mean it’s not time-consuming, but it’s FUN for me because I enjoy doing it.) I also set this task block to be as light as I can, and keep this for FAMILY and SOCIAL events. So any grocery trips (that I consider family quality time) or Family meetings are assigned during this time.

Hint: On a good day, I can accomplish most of these tasks, but if there are few things I was not able to accomplish, I move them the next day, BUT I only move them on the same Block Weight. Meaning, if I was not able to complete my Large task block, I only allow to move it on my Large task block.

Was it a long read? Rather watch me doing a video, huh? LOL! Let me know in the comments!

Watch out for more tips and in-depth discussion on Block Weight System, How I assign work tasks for myself, How I meal prep, and all those fun productivity and prioritization stuff!

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