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It's me, BeeAy.

Heya! a new blog. I've been blogging since college, but never really stick to it (or probably is too shy and cringy to look back at how immature my contents are 12 years ago). I have always had a passion to write, create stories (in my head), and to voice out my opinions but I also have a way of self-destruction where I feel my contents are not as good as others - hence, I never really pursued any of it, this dates back yeeeeaaarsss ago. People who personally know me would be surprised to know this about me, people would say how confident I would be during meetings or just plain conversation, don't get me wrong, they are right - I'm confident, I believe I'm a public speaker, I believe I can strike up a conversation but only when I'm confident with the topic. But, the main difference is, I don't know how to sell myself (or anything on that matter). I can't sell a pen even if my life will depend on it, I would probably buy the pen myself just to relieve me of the pain.

So why blog? 

Because I would love to have an outlet, I want to write again. I'm a Business Analyst by profession, I write technical system related documents for (give or take) 12 years now, so I guess you can say, I write, but having the freedom to just write and express what's on my mind is a totally different world. I wanted this space. I'm actually writing this post during this sweet hour of time in the day where my daughter and husband are still sleeping (I can still hear Bean's snoring).  I recently gave birth 3-months ago, she's a darling, her name is Beam but let's call her Baby Bacon for the fun of things - yes, I'm Pork, my husband is Beans, and our daughter is Bacon. We are PorkandBeans with Bacon. To put things in perspective and summarize - I have a new life. I never really had a life other than work. I have always loved the concept of routines and consistency - but with a kid on board. I hope I can manage.  I also love to have opinions on stuff. I would try not to traverse in the world of politics - but I cannot promise. I also love to give words of wisdom and teach. May this be an avenue for it. 

Uh-oh gotta go, I hear a baby crying! 

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