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My secret to PRIORITIZING and being PRODUCTIVE, without being too tired.

Before I got married, I know I have a handle on things. I know how to set priorities, I really don't care much about my financials (very very wrong!!!), I can cook whatever I want, I have no one to think of really, just myself, and I know I have a handle of things, I know to organize my life.

Fast forward 2 years or so, I thought I had the handle of things, just executing organizing methods I was applying when I was single, but one baby and almost 2 yrs. of marriage later, I realized, IT WAS A MISTAKE! This may sound like a cliche, but I was stressing and worrying constantly! I was keeping my household together and intact. But I was just T-I-R-E-D.

There are only 24 hrs. a day, and I feel like I wanted more hours because I have so many things in my mind that I want to accomplish, it's just not enough!!! Nothing is really working as how I envisioned it to be, and I constantly feel that I'm running of time in a day. It's just exhausting!

Some of us just don't have the luxury to just sit back.

Some dishes just won't clean themselves, some kids just needed their momma, some women just need to be NEEDED by whoever (yes, that's nature, and I will explain that in another post).

So why are others better at handling life than others?

Because they PRIORITIZE and they stay PRODUCTIVE. I sat down and revisited the methods I have been using before, and I re-assess what needs to be removed and added to make my formula work!

While going through this life-changing phase, I learned the concept of BLOCKING my time. You may have heard a lot about this theory, block your time and stick with it. But it's just not happening. That's when I realized I'm using the Time Blocking method incorrectly - I'M BEING TOO PRESCRIPTIVE! yes, you heard me right, too prescriptive. I tend to block my time hour by hour in a day and don't give myself time to heal aka rest. Being too prescriptive did not give me enough wiggle room to actually adjust, as a result, I get stressed and turns our I was less productive.

Now, I only work on three blocks - MORNING, AFTERNOON, EVENING where I allot 6 hours per block. I also apply the concept I just developed, the Block Weight system.

Block weight is the concept I came up with (thanks to years of being into Project Management). It's the concept of providing a weight on your designated block. Like a point or assessment on how huge of a block that is.

How does Block Weight work?

I plan my week ahead. I normally sit down Sunday evening and plan the week ahead, here is where I designate my "Block Weight" and the task per block. My Block Weight is S (small) M (medium) L (large).

  • Small blocks, my light tasks, no brainers, can multi-task, relaxing like movie time w/ family, playtime with Beamie, or reminding myself to thaw the meat for tomorrow's meals.

  • Medium blocks, my not so important tasks, can be done in multiple days (or can be rescheduled), somewhat no-brainer tasks, or the things that I love doing that for me, like walking the dog, or a quick clean of the kitchen.

  • Large blocks, the heaviest tasks of the day or are time-consuming. Like, finishing a work deadline, thinking of my media contents, budgeting (revisiting expenses). Any task that you feel stressed when executing it.

With this concept, I only need 6-hrs of heavy lifting. This way, my brain cells, and body won't be dead by the end of the day, and I can heavily focus on what needs to accomplished on that day.

There you go folks, my secret on how I stay PRODUCTIVE and things PRIORITIZED without feeling tired.

I will be posting how I do my Time Blocking and assigning Block weights on my next posts, STAY TUNED!

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