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What a Similac bottle has taught me.

Today, I observed Beamie playing with her empty Similac bottle (yes, she loved playing with an empty Similac bottle, I guess because of its color?), she kept on reaching for the bottle, her teensy weensy hands can't really grab hold of the bottle, the bottle gets pushed, she keeps on gliding her way to the bottle,it was a cycle.

I realized, it was the Similac bottle that helped Beam achieved her milestone, the Similac bottle was her MOTIVATION. She wanted to play with it, so she made sure she exerted all of her effort just to grab it.

It was then I thought of life. Everyone needs to have their own Similac bottle, their MOTIVATION.

My Similac bottle as cliche as this may sound is my daughter. Before I had her, I only do things because that's how its suppose to be. My only driving factor was the fact that I have to pay my credit card bills.

The credit I got by buying wants. Very shallow.

Now that I have her, I get motivated by the fact that I need to do good - not just to get promoted at work and be financially prepared, but because someone is looking up to me. Someone actually needs me. I wanted to ensure that when Beamie is old enough to understand what is going on, she'll see that mommy has achieved something. I want to be my best self for Beamie. I wanted to show her what a human can achieve and more. I want her to find her own motivation to make the most out of her life.

So what is your motivation? What drives you? Who keeps you going?

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